America's Healing Crisis

I've noticed that often things have to get as bad as they can possibly get, that emotions and symptoms, and toxic relationships, and bad habits have to escalate to the point of intolerability before most people are ready to commit to any kind of real and lasting change. Whether it's a crisis of health, of spirit, of family or community -- a common pattern is that things get much worse before they, ultimately, improve or resolve. In the Vitalist tradition of herbalism passed down to me by my teachers, this is referred to as a Healing Crisis and is actually an indication that a significant and potentially positive shift is imminent. And my fellow Americans, I believe that the Healing Crisis of the patriarchy, of capitalism, of racism, classism, homophobia, and misogyny, and so much more is reaching its breaking point with this election.

Much like someone who falls suddenly and seriously ill after a lifetime of poor eating, lack of self care, and no exercise -- we no longer have the option or the privilege of continuing to go about our lives as though all is well. But I see this as a positive thing, as a gift we can choose to graciously humble ourselves to accept. When we are seriously illness, we must wake up to what our body is asking of us, or ultimately risk death. Similarly, now that our political system has come so far out of balance, we have the opportunity and the responsibility to truly heal. This is a wake up call to create the change we want in the world. We are the ones we have been waiting for. None of us is here by accident at this time. We all have important gifts and teachings to offer, medicine to share. And the time for this is now.

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