B A B Y • W I T C H E S

This is an image whose origin I am uncertain of. The caption, and only information I have about it, is that these are Russian Kindergarteners about to perform a tradition folk dance. Russia is one river from which my ancestry flows and the place from which my most communicative ancestor fled at the age of 16.

Whether these little darlings grew up to be full fledged witches or not, their image speaks to a deep longing that has always been within me -- to live in a world that is alive and enchanted, where strangeness and beauty and awe suffuse each moment, and magic happens when you least expect it. Tragically, from a young age, this view of the world as alive, communicative, and filled with wonder was discouraged and I was made to feel shame for believing in it so fiercely. Which brings me to the real point of this post -- which is that this image also speaks to a similarly suppressed longing to dress as my true self every damn day.

I have always felt myself and seemed to others, to be from another time + place entirely. The dress of this time has never suited me any more than the prevailing culture and worldview. How we dress is no small matter, it is magical. It points to a deeper meaning that is felt + sensed beneath the surface of things.

So, dress yourself in those things which delight you, which fill you with a sense of personal power and belonging in this world. Dress in talismans and sacred stones that remind you of your prayers and of where you came from. Wear things you have made with your own two hands. Invoke the practice of dressing as a time of ritual and of magic, and most of all, of play -- for it is my experience that when combined these things become all the more potent.

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