West Texas . Spring 2016

A    F o n d    F a r e w e l l 

You cannot leave until you've said goodbye to the wild places; until they've looked you over one last time and stared long and hard into your young eyes. Not until they've given you their parting gifts and breeze blown words of sage advice; filled your fists with stalks of Yarrow, boughs of Cypress. You cannot leave until they've kissed you one last time with dew and dirt and the remembered scent of cool wet limestone. You must return once more to be bathed in birdsong and the trickling timbre of water on rock; bend down slow to trace the lines of fallen logs, flushed with Mushrooms in autumn. Even amidst all the Honeysuckle parting I felt lucky to share with my friends, my family, my lovers -- it was this final fond farewell that seemed most necessary, this long, solitary goodbye to the lush and lovely Hill Country itself. 

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W e s t    T e x a s

And then, at long last, we were back on the road -- marking the beginning of a six month journey up the West Coast. Making our way first to West Texas, the sweetness of new beginnings lent a honeyed hue to the experience of travel. And though we were just setting out, the road looked bright and beautiful on the horizon. 

During our time in Marfa, we revisited many of the medicine places we loved -- blanketed in flowers, with friends in tow. Since our visit to the desert to teach at El Cosmico the previous month, all the blossoms that had been waiting patiently, had burst forth in bloom and the desert was alive with technicolor cacti and golden light. 



We've received a lot of emails about our Wildcrafted Ocotillo + Smokey Quartz Elixir which recently sold out. This is a medicine we must make a pilgrimage to the high desert in order to harvest and commune with. Plant medicines come to us when the time is right and not a moment before. We expect to gather her bark to add to the flowers already infusing in the Apothecary in early Autumn. If this is an ally you've felt called to work with, we look forward to sharing her transformative medicine with you at that time. We now have a waiting list posted on our website so if you'd like to be the first to know of her returning, leave your email here and we'll be in touch when the alchemy of this potent medicine is complete. And if you're feeling her call, the initiation has already begun...

Magenta Cholla

f l o w e r    e s s e n c e 

This vibrant desert medicine reconnects you with your ability to be guided from within and to trust your path, even in times of chaos, darkness, or initiation. It helps you to choose your teachers and allies wisely—knowing when someone or something is meant to come deeply into your world or remain as an outer planet, orbiting far from your center. Magenta Cholla brings a sense of heightened discernment and the unwavering ability to trust your own inner knowing. It helps to create boundaries that are wise but not rigid and which protect you from potential harm or manipulation. This flower essence one of the most powerful medicines for mid-wifing oneself through a time of cosmic transformation, initiation, and blossoming into Fullness. It is the essence best suited for the act of self initiation -- as an adult, a healer, a teacher.

On the Full Moon, we released the first placed-based capsule collection from our Summer travels, highlighting the wild plants and Medicine of West Texas.  Made from the most abundant and vital wild plants in the area, every item in this line is hand-gathered and made into medicine on the road. We'll be releasing a Pacific Northwest Medicine Collection later this Summer as well, rich with Roses and Lemon Balm, Redwood and Bay.  The idea behind these small batch offerings is to introduce our community to the landscapes we are traversing on a deeply visceral level as well as provide a valuable educational resource about the medicine and magic of the wild places we love.  Each collection offers a rare opportunity to taste and smell and sense the vitality of a totally unique season and bioregion...

​W e s t   T e x a s
M e d i c i n e

c a p s u l e      c o l l e c t i o n

Small batch wildcrafted medicines harvested by hand and formulated
to communicate the spirit and story of the West Texas Landscape.
The first in a series of place based offerings and storied medicines
to be shared along the road this Summer.

W e s t      T e x a s      B i t t e r s

Take a few drops (three to thirty) directly in your mouth or in a small glass of water before or after meals to stimulate the appetite and improve digestion and assimilation. Add a wild dash to cocktails to awaken both your tastebuds + your liver. Cooling and calming this wildcrafted bitters formula helps to soothe nervous indigestion caused by the insistence of Summer's heat. In tense moments, enjoy it in drop doses for a centering experience that will bring you back to your gut instincts.

Made With // Ethically Wildcrafted Desert Vervain, Mealy Blue Sage, Horehound,
Yellow Primroses, White Primroses, Skullcap, Plantain, Gluten Free Distilled Spirits

D e s e r t     B l o o m s     T e a

Made from a veritable confetti of hand gathered spring blooms gathered across the West Texas hillsides and prairies, this tea embodies every ounce of the subtle beauty and steady hope that the high desert landscape has to offer. We love it room temperature or iced and recommend eating the flowers whole if you so please. The translucent White Primroses make for an especially succulent treat when rehydrated. This tea is cooling and moistening, soothing to parched tissues, and pleasantly relaxing. Simply place one heaping tablespoon of flowers in a sixteen ounce mason jar, cover with hot water, place lid on jar and infuse for thirty minutes or until cooled to room temperature.

Made With // Ethically Wildcrafted Desert Vervain, Blue Vervain, Yellow Evening Primrose,
White Evening Primrose, Pink Evening Primrose, Red and Pink Rose Petals, Honeysuckle,
Pomegranate Blossoms, Desert Globe Mallow, Ocotillo, Apache Plume

C h a p a r r a l      O i l

Chaparral, Gobernadora, Creosote. This potent medicinal shrub characterizes the landscape of Southern New Mexico. Its deep green expanse is in stark contrast to the endless sky, and stretches like the Ocean as far as the eye can see. As you drive down desolate highway and country back roads, it is the ancient and thrumming presence of Chaparral that calls forth the precious solitude and stark beauty offered only by the desert. Its resinous leaves hold the scent and memory of the soaking rains of many thousands seasons past. The strange, lovely, and distinctive aroma is it yields is reminiscent of petrichor and gathering clouds; of a landscape longing to drink deep of the Sky. Each passing impression of this oil, will transport you to the desert of your dreams, the inner arid regions of your Being, a place of deep awakening, heightened psychic awareness, and unexpected resilience.

A profound antiseptic, Chaparral Oil is also an indispensable first aid ally. It helps to prevent infections in wounds, soothes bites and stings, as well as bringing sweet relief to eczema, psoriasis, and fungal infections of both the skin and the scalp. It is one of our favorite oils to bring along on any Summer road trip or wildcrafting adventure for after-sun skincare and it even makes a fantastic spot treatment for acne, boils, and other eruptive skin conditions. The unequaled anti-oxidant properties of of this ancient desert plant help to protect from and repair free radical damage, keeping skin healthy, glowing, and resilient even in the harshest of environs. We recommend adding a couple dropperfuls to a hot bath, along with a piece of petrified wood for a grounding and distinctive therapeutic experience. Do note though, the scent of Chaparral is quite strong and may be a bit too intense for many to use as a daily body oil. We, however, desert folk at heart, love it without apology or qualification.

Made With // Ethically Wildcrafted Chaparral,  Organic Olive Oil

P r i c k l y      P o p p y     F l o w e r      E s s e n c e

Prickly Poppy Flower Essence helps us to rest after periods of extended expenditure of energy, whether physical or emotional. It is an ally for decompressing and creating space to simply be, even when there is still much to be done. When overwork has caused the world to appear colorless and things you once enjoyed seem tiresome, it is only deep rest that can return beauty and magic to our worlds. Prickly Poppy Flower Essence, taken over time, helps to re-sensitize the nervous system and restore balance to our lives when it comes to finding time for both work and play. It teaches us that there will always be more to do, and that unless we choose pleasure, choose rest, choose connection, that they will not be ours to enjoy. Recommended in doses of four drops, four times daily – taken once upon waking, once upon retiring, and at two other times throughout the day which are agreeable. Add ten drops to a bath for a truly immersive experience.

Made With // Ethically Wildcrafted Prickly Poppy, Spring Water, Gluten Free Distilled Spirits

S m o k e      S i g n a l s      S a l t 
Reminiscent of campfire smoke +  the heady kiss of a warm desert breeze, our Smoke Signals Salt transforms any dish into something distinctly succulent and unmistakably hand-hewn. Crafted from smoked mesquite Sea salt, Horehound, Blue Sage Blossoms, and Wild Onion Flowers, it looks as lovely as it tastes. Try it with tequila or mescal over ice, added to your mornings eggs, use a pinch in salad dressings, or any way you see fit.

Made With // Smoked Mesquite Sea Salt, Ethically

Wildcrafted Horehound,  Mealy Blue Sage, Wild Onion Flowers

From Marfa we made our way swiftly through through Truth or Consequences, Tucson, Joshua Tree, and Santa Barbara as we wended our way to the Redwoods for the Spirit Weavers Gathering.  Click here to join us for the ride...

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