We're Finally Doing It

W e ' r e   F i n a l l y   D o i n g   I t
Photo By Anne Brigman
G e t t i n g    b a c k    o n   t h e    r o a d   t h a t   i s !

It was almost exactly nine months ago that I moved from our off-grid home and apothecary on the Taos Mesa, back to my hometown of Austin TX.  And while my time here has been profoundly healing and filled with family, and friendship, and foraged flora, there is much life still waiting to be lived, many places I long to discover, and countless plants beckoning me. And so, this Summer, I'll be embarking on a six month road trip through the Southwest and up the West Coast.  The route remains largely unplanned as of yet, but in my imagining, meanders through New Mexico, Colorado, Arizona, California, Oregon, and Washington then back South once more toward Colorado and New Mexico to gather Pine Nuts in the Autumn.  I'll be following the plants as they come ready to harvest -- Ocotillo in the Sonoran desert, Wild Roses along the shore of Klamath Lake, Horsetail growing in thick mats amongst the Redwoods.  I'll be teaching and writing along the way, and learning much to be sure...

While the details of this undertaking remains somewhat unknown, I look forward to sharing them with you as the vision and the path become clear.  I look forward, also, to visiting many of you along the way, as well as meeting many of you for the first time!  This is a journey, both brave and foolish.  But when you know what you must do, even if the reasons are not clear, there is a singularity of purpose which fills your waking hours.  And that is how I feel about this trip.  I don't fully know what I will discover as I set out, only that there is Big Magic waiting for me as well as much I am being asked to call forth and share along the way.  I hope you will join me for this, the adventure of a lifetime.

On that note, I would love to hear all about  Y O U R  favorite camping spots, hot springs, hiking trails, natural wonders, and any other hidden gems you'd be so generous as to share with me.  Simply email LaAbejaHerbs
@gmail.com and let me know what it is I just can't miss along the way!   I will also be seeking collaborators during my time on the road.  If you sense that your school / community / shop / teaching space would be a good fit and would like to discuss the possibility of hosting a plant walk, class, workshop, or ceremony, drop me a line!

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  1. Have fun. I'm intrigued by Ocotillo, which I've never heard of apart from your blog (but i'm in the Uk).