A    c o l l a b o r a t i v e    c e r e m o n y    +    p h o t o    p r o j e c t

f r o m    S o p h i a      R o s e    a n d    C a m e r o n    K r o w

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Sometimes the best medicine rests not in plant or stone, in human comfort or celestial embrace; sometimes the best medicine, the only medicine, is the that of Place. Immersing yourself in the womb of a canyon, lingering in the trickle of an icy stream around your ankles, watching the leaves unfurl their glory in Spring's slow procession--all of this and more is the medicine of the Land itself, of the Earth Herself. It is this felt experience which is more precious and healing than any single substance could ever be.

Every mountain, valley, hillside, and stream holds its own special medicine, as unique as that of any one plant and all the more potent for its layers upon layers of interdependent life. To partake of this medicine, we need only to immerse ourselves in it with openness, humility, and curiosity.  Introducing ourselves with gentleness, warmth, and a prayer for the Land is the best way I know, to begin forging this sacred interwoven path with a place.

It is Wildness which nourishes the human spirit like nothing else; for it is the wild places, singing and praying in a language all their own, which ceaselessly dream the world into Being, day after day, year after year, and onward through all Time. Let us cherish and protect these wild places which exist both within the boundaries of our own small Hearts, as well as in the wide wide world in which we are blessed to walk.

So, wherever you find yourself today--whether close to Home or far afield--take time to connect with and offer thanks for the gifts of the Land. Offer your Prayer for the Earth's return to Wholeness, Balance, and Wild Beauty.

It starts with You. No one is here on Earth at this time by accident. There is a unique and powerfully healing song in each of our Hearts. Now is not the time for silence--the world needs your Song.

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