Anemone berlandieri

w i l d c r a f t e d
A n e m o n e
t i n c t u r e
Anemone berlandieri -- also called thimble flower -- is one of the cool weather ephemerals I have always anticipated with the greatest excitement.  Its emergence heralds both the beginning and the end of our all too brief Central Texas Spring.  A low dose botanical, these unassuming blossoms are extremely potent and must be used with great care.  Taken in doses too large, they can dangerously depress heart rate and respiration.  However, when used skillfully, this delicate flower offers unparalleled relief from generalized anxiety, panic, and acute sensory overload.  It is particularly indicated for highly sensitive persons.

Taken in a tense moment, Anemone works to dramatically deepen respiration and noticeably relax the muscles in the face, neck and shoulders.  It replaces freneticism and shakiness with a sense of solidity and helps to quell nervous tension and tearfulness.  Our native Texas Anemone is also a favorite menstrual medicine.  It brings circulation to the womb and acts as an emmenagogue to bring on delayed menses, particularly in cases of fatigue, overwork, depression and generalized tension.  It is also a useful antispasmodic, helping to relieve menstrual cramps.

Anemone is a plant which teaches us to soften around the edges when longstanding emotional pain or stress has taken shape as rigidity of both body and mind. It is an ally for the journey finding renewed interest in life and openness to human connection when these things are of little interest due to trauma, loss, or overstimulation.

A very strong medicine to be used with great care in doses
​ranging from one to thirteen drops, up to four times daily.

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