The Colorado River
[seen here, in Texas]

I dreamt that there was an oil spill in this River the night before last. The upcoming full Moon in Pisces invites us to explore our connection with water. Where does the water you drink come from? How are the waterways within you flowing? What are you doing to nourish and protect your lymphatic system, your kidneys and adrenals? What does it mean that the most essential substance which constitutes all live is being desecrated and dwindling in the name of profit and so-called progress? When was the last time you cried wet, salty tears--a reminder of the Ocean from which we come?

When I was walking by the creek the other night in downtown Austin, it occurred to me that one of the most clear and simple indicators of the health of any society is reflected in their Rivers, Lakes, and Streams.

Look around you, what do you see? Do you see wild waters, flowing free and strong? Or do you see stagnant pools, trash floating in slow sad rainbow oil slicks, rocky flats where a River once flowed?

Please do not let this weekend's Full Moon pass you by without taking the time to considering these things, and DOING something to effect positive change. Maybe that is a prayer, maybe it is your tears, maybe it is a donation to the Navajo Nation [navajowaterproject.org] to bring clean water to those directly impacted by the recent spill in the Animas River. Whatever you feel most called to do, that is what the world needs most.

Thank you for your Heart, tender and strong enough to truly feel, to truly care. In an age where our species has moved the locus of its consciousness from the Heart to the Head, simply to Feel is perhaps the most radical and revolutionary act one can engage in.

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