Chili Pequin

Chili Pequin
Capsicum annum

A Texas Native that grows wild to the delight of birds and humans alike. These spicy morsels brings just the right amount of heat and flavor to everything from Thai Tom Kha Soup to the Cucumber and Mint Salad I made with the chilies pictured. When we eat spicy foods, our pores open, sweat pours forth, and the end result is that our entire system is left cooler than before. It may seem counterintuitive that something so hot would cool you down, but try adding a healthy dose of chili to your next meal and see for yourself. Chili Pequin can also be infused in oil and used externally to relieve inflamed joints, move stagnation in the body, and relax tense muscles. Our new place is surrounded by little bushes of these cockscomb gems--time to turn up the heat!

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