Women's Wisdom

Learn what you can from your Mother. Learn what you can from your Sisters, your Aunties, your Grandmothers. Learn what you can from the memories of your Great Grandmother, and her Mother before her. This wisdom of Blood will help to make you whole. It will bring a greater understanding where you came from and why you are who you are. This precious knowing brings unmatched self-awareness, which creates space and compassion around the inherited wounds and patterns which we all carry. As different as we may feel from our biological families at times, it is true that we are them and they are us. By healing ourselves, our relationships with our wombs, our bodies, re-imagining the stories of what it means to be a woman--we are impacting not only the lives of our daughters and future generations but also all of the women we came from, stretching back through time. So be good to yourself, gentle with yourself, slow down and appreciate the place from which you have come. Honor both your living Elders as well as the memory of your Ancestors. All your Relations will thank you in ways you could not have imagined.

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