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Pictured above with a few of our favorite edible and medicinal flowers including Passionflower, Bougainvillea, Sunflower, and Turk's Cap, this unbelievably rich chocolate pudding has been a favorite for nearly a decade.  The recipe below is the closest to perfection it has ever come.  While avocado may seem a peculiar addition to any desert, it is undetectable amidst the cocoa and honey and is what makes this such a satisfying and wholesome sweet treat. Interesting additions include a touch of strong-brewed black coffee, rosewater and lime, or chipotle and cinnamon.  If serving to guests, see if anyone can guess the secret ingredient!

Two Medium-Sized Ripe Avocados
One Tablespoon Vanilla Extract
Two Tablespoons Liquified Coconut Oil
One Quarter Cup Honey // Or To Taste
One Large Pinch Salt // Or To Taste
One Third To One Half Cup Cocoa Powder

Combine avocados and vanilla in food processor until totally smooth.
Incorporate Coconut Oil, Honey, and Salt.  Add Cocoa Powder, a few spoonfuls
at a time and process until smooth.  Enjoy on its own or paired with ripe berries,
and preferably in the company of those you Love.

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