Desert Vervain

Desert Vervain
[ Glandularia bipinnatifida ]

Also called Dormilón and Moradilla, this vibrant little flower covers all of West Texas in Spring. Her flowers taste delicious and are a favorite medicine for relaxing tense, overwrought, hyperactive, list-making folks. It's an excellent and gentle sedative for mild insomnia, particularly for occasions such as the night before an early flight or important presentation--anything that lends itself to nervous dwelling. Safe for children in appropriate doses and an excellent medicine in for colds and flus.  Verbena is also useful as a bitter tonic, particularly for digestive unrest brought on by anxiety.  Today I've been noticing that it's greatly lessened the tension held in my lungs and diaphragm and helped me to take deeper, fuller breaths. As the infamous Michael Moore notes in conclusion in his monograph on Vervain, "A nice plant." And a nice plant it is indeed.

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