Luscious Medicine For Vaginal Health

+ Luscious Medicine For Vaginal Health +

While often there is little, if anything, that needs to be done to maintain vaginal balance in a healthy woman, giving extra care and attention to our wombs and vaginas periodically brings not only greater health, but a deep sense of empowerment and sacredness to our bodies and to the larger story of our lives.  Just as so many simple acts in life, such as bathing or enjoying a cup of tea, can be elevated to experiences of truly devotional self care, with only a little more effort on your part, so too your relationship with the body you inhabit can blossom through committing to small but meaningful moments of attention. 

One of the ways in which we hope you will begin to explore and encourage this flowering of self care is through the making and use of nourishing vaginal suppositories.  Now wait, before you recoil in horror at the word suppository and begin to recall that truly despicable anti-biotic cream you may have had to use in the past, we hope that you will consider that the formula below is truly antithetical to such thing.   

Just as the nutrient-dense foods we eat bring not only pleasure but also health and vitality to our systems, so too we can feed the other tissues of the body to ensure resilience. Using vaginal suppositories occasionally as part of a larger commitment to health and self-care will yield rewards in spades.  The formula below is meant to strengthen and nourish already healthy vaginal tissues, support optimal bacterial balance, sooth mild irritation or itching, and honestly just to make you feel even more great about your lady parts.

Use once a week or so, but probably no more, on an evening when you feel like doing something extra-nice for yourself.   These suppositories make a wonderful finish to a sweet ritual of self care or can be used anytime you experience itching, burning, or  irritation--particularly after what herbalist Michael Moore has referred to as, sexual calisthenics.  For these such things, combine with ample water intake, a healthy dose of fermented and probiotic rich foods. Suppositories work best at night, right before bed so that you can remain horizontal and absorb the luscious medicine which will inevitably melt once inside of you.  That said, a cloth pad is also a good idea for absorbing whatever residual oil may escape in the night.

+ Nourishing Vaginal Suppositories +

  • Half Cup Olive Oil
  • Two Tablespoons Coconut Oil
  • Ten Tablespoon Cocoa Butter
  • One Teaspoon Rose Petals, powdered
  • One Teaspoon Yarrow Flowers, powdered
  • One Tablespoon Marshmallow Root, powdered
  • One Tablespoon Elm Bark, powdered

Combine all ingredients in a double boiler and melt over low heat.
Alternately, use a pot and a bowl that fits snugly on top in place of a traditional double boiler.

Stir to dissolve cocoa butter and to incorporate powdered herbs.

Once all ingredients are combined thoroughly, carefully
take a teaspoon filled with the mixture and place on a plate in the freezer.

Allow the mixture to solidify and test for consistency. The formula should feel totally
solid when you try to squish it, but should also begin to melt ever so slightly at your touch.

If it is too hard, add a bit more olive oil to the formula.  If it is too soft, add a bit more
cocoa butter.  Make these additions slowly and test your formula using
the spoon and freezer method until you have the consistency you'd like.

Pour into molds and allow to cool and harden in fridge or freezer.

Store in airtight container in freezer for up to two years.


If you'd prefer a totally tried + true ready-made formula, we offer our favorite suppository blend for local pick up in Austin Texas. Made with Wildcrafted and Organic Plantain, Monarda, Usnea, Yarrow and Elderflower, ​Marshmallow, Rose, and Burdock, these heavenly suppositories, sold by the dozen, are formulated to foster healthy bacterial balance, nourish your most delicate tissues, replenish life-giving moisture, and generally soothe and bless your lady parts.

+   +   +

Note // There are countless other formulae that could be employed to address specific symptoms or pathologies that the above formula may not be well-suited for.  If you are interested in learning more about specific herbs and other suggestions for resolving symptoms you are experiencing, we encourage you to seek out your local community herbalist, or to consider scheduling a Whole Health Consultation with Sophia Rose of La Abeja Herbs.

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What are some of your favorite self care rituals for feeling great in your own skin?  We'd love to hear about them in the comments below!


  1. Hi Sophia would you mind helping me understand the purpose of the powdered herbs in this case?

    1. Hello there! The Marshmallow Root acts as powerful demulcent to restore moisture to tissues as well as a mild astringent to tonify the tissues. Marshmallow also offers a profoundly yin and feminine energetic to the formula. She is the wise woman, stroking your hair and looking deeply into your eyes, her touch soft but firm. The Elm Bark further enhances this moistening quality to increase supplements and fluidity. The Rose and Yarrow are tonifying, helpful in maintaining optimal bacterial balance, and strengthening to the tissues. The Rose brings a felt sense of beauty and of the exquisite to the formula while the Yarrow offers up its energy as a warrior's herb and a messenger of a Sun to the places in our body where the sun don't shine!

    2. I truly appreciate you sharing your caring and respectful understanding. Thank you

    3. this response is incredible. thank you so much, i very much enjoyed reading this! could you please offer guidance of good sources where someone could read more about vaginal suppositories and herbal health ? in much love and light <3

  2. Anonymous15.1.15

    Lovely!!!! I've been feeling very yoni-inspired these days. This post just add some delicious fuel to my flame.

    1. Thank you Asia! I am glad to hear it. Our womb is the central space from which the rest of creation radiates outward. I would love to take your Wise Womb class again one day as well as perhaps revisiting the possibility of a collaborative venture in this realm one day.

  3. This is so amazing and empowering and I apprecite you taking the time to explain what each herb does in the comment! I have my weekend project now woo! Im also so looking forward to meeting you at spirit weavers (moon)!!! Thanks for all you do. Light and love!