Reflections From A Summer On The Road

Sophia Rose shares some of the magic moments from a Summer
spent on the road with La Abeja's Traveling Medicine Show //

Take it from a seasoned traveler -- the old adage, Wherever you go, there you are, is mightily true.  Much more so than I'd like to admit at times.  Leading a largely nomadic lifestyle since the age of seventeen, I have been immersed in the most idyllic settings imaginable and found myself truly miserable, and have conversely experienced many moments of true contentment in downright bleak locales.  No matter how far one travels from home, all they will find in the world beyond themselves is what exists within them at any given moment.

That said, the first moment that comes to mind as a favorite from this Summer's journey, was during my visit to the Rocky Mountains of Colorado--a place I love dearly and called home for three years.  It felt just delicious to return to the embrace of young Aspen groves, the palpable scent of morning's chill, the company of so many beloved alpine wildflowers.  One morning I rose at dawn and drove up up up the mountain to a favorite Aspen grove just beyond Gold Hill CO, where I spent the morning listening to Earth's soft whisper, meditating on the long-ignored sensations of my body, and simply luxuriating in the dewy break of day; the sunlight flickering on the quaking aspen leaves.  That was a moment of perfection.

On that same trip, I had the privilege of attending the wedding of one of my best friends.  It was the first wedding ceremony I'd been to of anyone so dear to me.   The outpouring of love from all in attendance, the tears of sheer joy, the reflection on all that brought them to this moment in their journey--it was *psychedelic*.  This is very very real, I thought to myself, as I cried.

Lastly, the precious instances of animal medicine I found myself blessed with stand out as truly memorable -- waking at dawn, still half immersed in a world of dreams and opening my eyes to see a fox scurrying soundlessly past me;  hummingbirds in droves everywhere I went, some even venturing bravely into the backseat nest where I slept and trying to pollinate the red stripes on the blanket I was wrapped in; the deer who greeted me with striking friendliness beside a Colorado Hot Spring and gestured knowingly upward, asking that I pluck for it the late Summer apples, hanging on branches just out of its reach.

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