By The Banks Of The Rio Grande

"Whether it’s sitting by a mountain stream, soaking in desert hot springs, diving headlong into the icy shock of Barton Springs, or simply bringing the workday to an end in my bath tub, it is the element of Water which never fails to bring me back into balance and to reinvigorate me. Connecting with Water, warm water in particular, can be a profoundly nurturing experience. To our nervous systems and the deepest parts of our consciousness, bathing mimics the watery environ of our mother’s womb. Take a bath and be reborn.

Furthermore, Water as compared to Air, which we spend most of our lives immersed in, is a highly conductive medium. Consider the current of electricity through Water vs. Air. When we bathe in an intentional way, we are opening ourselves more deeply to the inspiration which is always floating about in the ether of our consciousness but which we can rarely grasp in any kind of linear way. Water is an organizing medium which aids one in bringing dreams into reality. This Summer, I was floating thoughtlessly at daybreak in hot springs in the San Luis Valley of Colorado and a brilliant idea began to take shape in my imagination. All I had to do was marvel at the lightening morning sky, the outline of Piñon trees overhead, watch my breath–in and out, in and out–and the water did the rest, crystalizing and giving form to a dream I’d not even known I’d been harboring." 

the above excerpt is from this recent interview with Sophia Rose // 

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