Valley View Hot Springs // A Week Of Wild Plant Walks

Since my childhood introduction to Valley View Hot Springs, it has felt familiar as any Home to me--like a sacred place I could return to again and again, where I knew I could always find the part of my Self I had been searching for.  In the last couple years, I have been planting roots more deeply in the fertile soil of the San Luis Valley--with my family in Crestone,CO and a yearly rhythm of leading Wild Plant Walks at Valley View, I am beginning to feel a part of the landscape.  This Summer's Second Annual Week of Free Daily Plant Walks surpassed any expectation I could have held.  Each morning, a we gathered and took time to connect deeply with the Plant Medicine growing wild around the Sacred Springs.  Over the course of the week, we got to meet over thirty different plants! We also laughed heartily, learned much, and I surely shed my share of soulful tears while waxing poetic beneath the Hawthorne Tree about the many gifts our Green Elders have to share...

As You Can See, Valley View Hot Springs Is A Place That Comes By Its Name Honestly

A Meal With A View

Rise early, for the daylight is precious.

Top Pond At Sunrise Is The Perfect Place To Wake Up + Offer A Prayer Of Gratitude For The Day

Steam Rising Off The Warm Waterfall

Central to my morning ritual at the Hot Spring, was a daily dose of the Spirit Weaver Formula.  This one formula has taken me on a inner-journey I could never have anticipated over the course of the Summer. Though at times, trying, as all real transformation is, this medicine has guided me gently homeward to the place within myself where true gentleness, humility, and loving-kindness, and pure awareness reside. The sense of gratitude I feel for this initiation as a Woman can scarcely be expressed. I am continually in awe of the power of plants, to heal, to impart wisdom, and to tend to the Heart of each two-legged until it has blossomed fully. I give thanks.

To learn more about the Spirit Weaver Tincture + Flower Essence Blend 
or to order a bottle of your own visit the apothecary section of our website.

It is a formula intended to nourish, soften, and bring unwavering resilience to the feminine Spirit. With herbs and flower essences included to embody Maiden, Mother, and Crone aspects of the Self—the Spirit Weaver brings you deeply in touch with the gifts of the archetypal feminine journey and your own Sacred Path in this Lifetime. This formula aids in healing the wounds we take on as Women of this time and culture, and replaces any sense of powerlessness or unworthiness with the pure Truth and Beauty that is your essence. The Spirit Weaver formula offers the empowerment necessary to do the work you came into this Life to do; to sing the song and forge the path that is uniquely your own. Helpful in moments when you feel unequal to the task at hand, find that you are comparing yourself to others, or are simply feeling the weight and intensity of the Earth's sorrow. In times such as these, this formula is a reminder of the Path of Beauty which you came here to walk, and to share with others for the healing of the Earth and all her Children. 

The Majesty Of The San Luis Valley

The Deer At Valley View Are Quite Friendly + Will Want To Say Hello To You If You Are Very Peaceful

The Earth was made from one of the Sun's ribs. 
The Earth is all our Mother and the Sun is all our Father. 
All Life comes from the Divine interaction of Sun + Earth. 
Spirit and matter can never be separated.
We are the children of their eternal passion.

[From Alicia Bay Laurel's visionary classic, Being Of The Sun]

Beauty Abounds In All Directions

At Dusk The Waterfall Pond Is Surrounded By The Ethereal Glow Of Fireflies!

A Scene From The Traveling Medicine Show

Pictured Above // Where We Held Our Flower Essence Sessions + Plant Magik Readings

While At The Springs--Following The Shade As The Sun Moved Across The Sky


Sharing In The Magic Of Hawthorne During One Of Our Daily Wild Plant Walk

Deer Medicine // Gentleness, Agility, Discernment

The Golden Hour // Pause. Breathe. Relax. Smile.

It was a blessing to meet each and every one of you who came on this year's Walks!
I am already looking forward to next year. 

In Summer of 2015 I'll be visiting Valley View Hot Springs twice!
Each visit will consist of four consecutive days of Free Wild Plant Walks.
We will meet different plants on the Land each morning and spend time 
becoming familiar with their culinary, medicinal, and ceremonial uses.

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