In California

I want to tell you about our trip to the Redwoods + to the Klamath Wilderness this July.
But wait, first listen to this while you look at the pictures from our Journey...

The Week Was Spent Foraging For Wild Beauty, Skinny Dipping In Crystal Streams,
Laughing With Good Company, and Sleepin' Beneath The Stars

Drinking Deep, The Unspoiled Stillness + Silence Of The Ancient Redwoods

Pictured with an armful of Equisetum

Rainy Day Companion

Halcyon Days at the Homestead

Gathering wild Mimosa for our Blossom + Bark Tincture

In Classical Chinese Medicine, Mimosa (Albizia julibrissin) is affectionately known as the Tree Of Collective Happiness and has been traditionally used for insomnia, depression, and anxiety marked by irritability, heat, poor memory, and shortness of breath. Mimosa quiets the din of mind so that one can hear the song of the Heart. A few drops of the tincture shifts one's focus from the external world to the inner world when needed and strengthens one's ability to effectively filter sensory information. An oxytoxic herb, Mimosa is helpful for inciting feelings of love, affection, and comfort. A cooling and calming in nature, Mimosa is very good medicine for soothing menopausal hot flashes, and balancing the liver. Taken in low doses over the course of weeks, Mimosa helps to relieve pent up or constrained energy and can be of great use for those with repressed emotion and tension.  

I would so love to share this beautiful medicine with you!
You can order your own bottle of the Mimosa Tincture we made on this trip here.

Our Nest In The Trees // Klamath National Forest

Night Swim

Giant Blazing Star

Taking a Sunday morning stroll with Jenessee, the mule at The Homestead that decided to follow me everywhere I went. There were so many wonderful creatures to commune with--puppies, toads, bees, pet rats, a veritable herd of wily farm cats, and of course the wildlife! I came upon burgeoning families of Quail in the forest daily, Bald Eagles soaring overhead as I floated in the Salmon River, and we were even awoken by a Black Bear at sunrise one morning!

Full Moon Maiden

Reflecting on the cyclical nature energy -- flowing ever inward + outward.

Child Of Nature

The Salmon River

The Klamath River

Small Rituals

Follow The Path

[Forest Medicine]
Old Growth Redwood Elixir Coming This Fall

I fell so in love with California.  Abundant Wild Medicine, Foraged Fruits, Towering Trees, Sunshine, Waterfalls, and Cool Breeze--what's not to love?  The outer journey also brought about a most profound inner-alchemy that, while challenging to navigate, was unspeakably rewarding to find my way through.  Time spent in Nature changes you.  It burns away all of the un-truth, all of the inherited wounding from one's past.  Nature is peaceful, there is nothing wrong with it, it is perfect as it is.  It inevitably brings us to the same realization about ourselves.  Immersed the trees and wild waters, in all their perfection, that which unharmonized within can be seen and felt clearly at last, and there is the opportunity to let go.  To just let go.  And to forgive yourself.  Go there, to the trees and the forest.  They will remind you, over and over again of whatever it is you need to know.

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