Best Laid Plans

My trusty Honda Civic broke down today on I-40, headed West to Joshua Tree. Two times.

After a *very* long day, I am now safely back in Albuquerque, resting in the cool and quiet sanctuary of my Home.   It looks as though La Abeja Herbs + The Traveling Medicine Show won't be quite as nomadic as I had anticipated this week.

I am feeling deep sadness at the disappointment of not being able to  join my Sisters on the Land for the Spirit Weavers Gathering after such great anticipation. Existing within me alongside this sadness is a place of total Trust and Surrender.  As surely as this is what is happening in my world, it is the medicine I need right now.  I feel certain that my prayers need no vehicle to travel great distances and the most powerful of blessings is headed from my Heart to yours in Joshua Tree, dear Sisters.  I truly am with you in Spirit.

The most important medicine offered to me today was the opportunity to welcome and receive the support of the divine masculine in a more vulnerable and real way than ever before.  Over the last few months, and today in particular, I have been offered greater strength, gentleness, and loving acceptance than ever before from the beautiful men in my life.  I am humbled by and grateful for this sacred opportunity to feel truly supported in a way that feels completely radical and revolutionary to me.

And finally, I am reminded, that this is all a dream. I can just let go. And so can you.