On Forgiveness

Do not waste a single precious moment of this Life harboring anger, resentment, or distaste for those who have wronged you.  

Do not push these emotions away for they will arise, no doubt, many times and there is little use resisting their strength.  However, despite their seeming immensity, you must remember that you are not responsible FOR these feelings, rather you are responsible TO them.  

It is for you alone to free yourself from the prison walls they create in your heart and in your mind. Hopefully at once, but perhaps only after a long while of suffering, when at last the breeze of your Life blows in such a way to rouse you from the depths of your self pity, and you rise at last to open the door of your bleak cell, setting foot once more in spaciousness of compassion--you will be shocked to find that the door was unlocked all along.  

The world is inconceivably vast, as is the remarkable capacity of your own heart to love and forgive. Martin Luther King Jr. said, “Forgiveness is not an occasional act, it is a constant attitude.”  Give yourself this gift today and everyday.

[Sophia Rose]