New Moon In Taurus

April's new Moon in Taurus urges you to identify what truly nourishes you; what brings you pleasure and deep satisfaction. It asks how you can ground the transformative energies that were set in motion on the Full Moon Eclipse and integrate this wisdom in a way that supports your evolving concept of Self.

Thank you so much to all who came and shared in Kindness + Beauty to honor last night's new Moon in Taurus at our Stick House Ceremony. What a blessed evening of healing + insight!  We know this magic will live on powerfully in our hearts for the days and weeks to come. Remember the words of Wisdom that the Earth spoke to you in the space of last night's ceremony. As the Moon waxes Full may each step you take hold the power of this gentle prayer. 

We look forward to seeing you May 14th for our next Gathering to honor the Full Moon. Visit www.LaAbejaHerbs.com for details.