Farewell To Beauty

Farewell to artifices of Beauty
Pale substitutes for the truth they represent

I have lusted over that which was never mine to possess
And have decided now to swallow my crystals whole
And steal back my afternoon hours to wander aimless
The paths that lead me ever inward

For too long now I have believed in the World of Form as God
When, in fact, God and Love and Beauty
Can only be birthed from within; the Universe turned inside out

There is no amount of posturing, now matter how sincere
Which will ever equal the grace of unapologetic comfort

So now that I have Seen, there is no other choice but to submit 
To the peace and the stillness of Great Mystery

I urge you, as all things do in their silent way,
Go to yourself now
And I promise, 
The rest of the world will wait

[Sophia Rose]