The Mimosa Tree

"Mimosa is the tree that teaches us the lessons of our female side and the loving heart. I learned many lessons from the Mimosa when I climbed her branches as a child. She taught me the beauty of feeling feminine and her sweet flowers made perfume for my hair. She told me the secrets of the Fireflies and how they had unborn stars in their tails. Mimosa told me these stars would grow inside each person with an open heart. Then they would take their place among the Great Star Nation when they had loved and been loved on Earth. Mimosa told me that the pain and betrayals each heart would endure were like water tossed on the fire of these tiny stars to see if they could continue to grow in spite of the hurt. Those that continued to love would one day become big stars and would send the love they had gathered to everyone in the universe and a reminder of the open heart of Great Mystery. Mimosa reminded me to open my heart and love, no matter how deep my pain, every time I saw a star light up in a "lightning bug" that flew by to be my reminder." -- Jamie Sams, Sacred Path Cards

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