Honey Locust

Honey Locust 

[Gleditsia triacanthos]

The Honey Locust is a tree ally of both new mothers + the their young. The seedpods, lovingly rattled around an inconsolable infant help to bring a sense of calm to both the baby and its caregiver. The spire-shaped seedpods can also be artfully strung to create a mobile that hangs above a child's resting place to bring a sense of protection and containment to them as they sleep + dream.  Listen to the song linked to below to hear the Lullaby Of The Honey Locust which can be hummed to further support the soothing action of the seedpods.

The Thorns of this tree make potent talisman for invoking the Lioness aspect of Motherhood--at once toothsome and acutely aware of her surroundings, and yet at ease in softness with her offspring. This plant also helps a woman to cultivate the selflessness that is so necessary in a full expression of motherhood.

The Honey Locust teaches not just mothers, but all beings, the ability to quietly + self-assuredly project a sense of boundary that is at once warm + compassionate and yet immediately understood by those not welcome. The seedpods can be used in Ceremonies where forgiveness is sought; rattled around oneself or the person praying to forgive while tears of release are shed on the Earth. 

This tree offers us the opportunity to sense the beauty and strength which arise from within us, divorced from our relationship with anyone or anything else. And finally, the Honey Locust has one of the greatest gifts of all to share with us--and that is the gift of Home. Working with the medicine of the Honey Locust supports one in declaring that they have arrived in their Home. It helps one to declare a sense of Place, but instead of asserting "Ownership" over one's domain, this plant teaches us that it is better to allow yourself to be truly claimed by that Place and to settle in for the long haul of Life.