Colorado . Late Autumn

Unable to deny our nomadic roots, we once again headed for the Mountains 
of Colorado to give our respects to the last golden promise of Autumn's changing leaves.
We journeyed North from the New Mexican desert first to Crestone, then onward to Boulder, Nederland, and Eldora--the Rocky Mountains were La Abeja Herbs was conceived.  

A mythical voyage indeed...

The Waning Moon At Sunrise

View From the Herbalist's Hideaway

Sacred Waters Of Crestone Creek

Our Mother The Mountain


Medicine of the Eagle above :: Medicine of the Elk below

Early morning hikes with our faithful companion, Alfie

Forest Dwellings

The Bath

A glimpse into the Winter Talisman Collection

Discovering the Spirits of San Isabel Creek

Sophia Rose


Journey through the clouds

12,000 ft // Leadville CO

Back in the Rocky Mountains Once Again // Our Hearts Singing

Pomegranate :: Autumnal Journey To The Underworld

Nourishing Times High in the Mountains with The Lady Of The Hearth + Forest

Rachel -- The Lady Of The Hearth + Forest -- headed to the 
Witches' Ball  in the Buck Antler Crown we fashioned for her.

Eldora . CO

Heading Southward back to Crestone through the Misty Morning

Forest Ceremony For Letting Go . Smoky Quartz + Osha Root

The Herbalists' Hideaway :: Winter Edition

Fox Fur . Tibetan Lambskin Coat . Wool Blankets Nine Deep
And waking in the early morning light to stoke the fire in the wood stove

Crystal Clarity of The High Altitudes :: The Small Stupa

Each Step a Prayer

The Muses

And we arrived back in ABQ in time for the Muertos y Marigolds Parade...