Herbal Resurgence 2013 :: Mormon Lake, AZ

Aya + Sophia Rose head to the Arizona High Country 
for the 2013 Herbal Resurgence, Traveling Medicine Show in tow.  

Read on to join them for the journey...

Highwayside Labyrinth

[It was the Wild Tobacco which blessed our journey and called us to rest at the safe and soft places along the way]

Puck :: The Traveling Apothecary

We arrived at Mormon Lake as the Full Moon rose against the pink glow of Sunset.

Aya + Sophia Rose bundled up in the early morning's chill 
after a much needed night of deep rest beneath the Ponderosas

Blue Eggs + Black Coffee prepared on Puck's tiny turquoise stove

The Nest

Aya warming her bones inside of Puck and looking dreamy wearing our Simpler's Talisman

A glimpse into one of the many wonderful classes offered at the Resurgence
[ Field Botany with Juliet Blanketspoor ]

In addition to all of the Plant Wisdom and Sweet Community that the the Equinox weekend offered--
we found plenty of time sit in silence Giving Thanks and pondering all that we wish 
to Dream Into Being in the cozy months to come.

Aya Deer

And of course, not to be forgotten--The Traveling Medicine Show
It was such a blessing to share our medicines with everyone at the Resurgence!

The Setting :: Mormon Lake Lodge

Sophia Rose, glowing--solo

And with longtime beloved friend, Rachel, The Lady Of The Hearth And Forest

The weekend flew by as if in an instant and before we knew it, 
we were already packing our jars and bottles back into their cases, 
wrapping our crystals in their protective moss and lace, and bidding farewell to all of the 
plant allies--both human and otherwise--that we had come to know + love.

We wished the Ponderosas well and braved the highway Home to New Mexico.

We drove through the desert nothingness as a gentle rain fell upon us.  
The clouds put on a show as we neared New Mexico.

And most breathtaking of all, our Path was paved with Rainbows, 
arcing majestically across the horizon as through a threshold to be crossed. 

We arrived back the city after nightfall to a welcome downpour and an uncharacteristic stillness.  This stillness, however seemed not to come from the city herself.  It was a stillness born from the Sacred Path we had just traversed with such reverence.  The warm sense of Peace and unwavering Trust in our Hearts remained alive and coherent even in the din of downtown.  

May you never forget this still and beautiful place within yourself--wherever you are, 
in Forest or in City, for it is alive and well within you.  You need only to take the time to
sense its unchanging presence, to nourish and nurture it with your Love + Gratitude.  
You can be certain then, that it will feed your Spirit endlessly, through all of Time + Space.