Colorado :: Late Summer

My home is colorado / With her proud mountains tall / Where the rivers like gypsies / Down her black canyons fall 


Love is a Mountain // Love is a Valley

Back at the Yurt shortly before heading to Valley View Hot Springs 
for a week spent as their resident Herbalist

[San Luis Valley sunset from the top pond]

During our daily herb walks at Valley View, we identified and covered the medicinal uses of nearly forty plants in and around the Springs! Many of the walks found their logical conclusion in the warm mountain springs, surrounded by wild roses, browsing fauns, and new friends.  We hope you'll join us in August of 2014 for another round of free daily plant walks!

Next we headed over to Telluride to cover the 32nd annual Telluride Mushroom Festival for Telluride Festivarian Magazine.  

The drive there was unreal.

Medicine Canyon

Harvested a bounty of Wild Hops [Humulus americanus]

and Infused them in Honey, highwayside

Telluride was extravagantly lush compared to the Albuquerque Desert we have become so accustomed to.

Daily Forays at the festival brought a bounty of mushrooms some edible and some simply beautiful

Morning view from the gondola out over the valley and town of Telluride

Luxuriating in the plantain by the creek

 Sunrise Foray Findings

Mycologists at the Identification Tent in Elk's Park

Flower + Fungi crown made for and worn in the Festival's beloved parade

The Telluride Mushroom Festival was phenomenal.  Both the presenters and attendees that the festival drew were unlike any other group of people.  It was a true visionary community that came together to celebrate and learn about Fungi.  
We are so grateful to have been a part of it and look forward to returning for many years to come.

Click the image above to check out the Winter 2013 Issue of the Telluride Festivarian for Sophia Rose's full article + an amazing Puffball Ice Cream Recipe (pages 61-63).

Back in Crestone for a Spell to catch our breath, and dream a bit for the coming season...

Reveling in the heightened receptivity + insight that came with her new moon crown of mint // Mentha spp.

Garden Sage :: Cleansing Bath

Marigold + Opium Poppy :: Blessing Bath

There is a kind of deep prayer + healing that only a bath can offer...
Join us this Fall for a class on just this topic -- The Sacred Art Of Bathing

Harvesting in our neighbor's Mountain Wonderland Garden

La Huisera :: the bones of Elk whispered my name as I wandered up-creek through thorny roses and fallen limbs, pausing to anoint my sun scorched cheeks and shoulders and brow with the icy water of late Summer's flowing stream so that I might hear the call of the forest more clearly

Daily Garden Mandalas with Flowers, Fungi, Herbs, and Crystals


Moth Medicine abounds in the forest after nightfall

[Papaver somniferum]

Daily Offerings // The Flowering Of Consciousness

Practicing Tonglen and exploring Portal of the Heart Cave within led me--by no accident--to the Heart Cave without.  On the drive back to Albuquerque, a barely discernible hole in the cliffside called out to me, and invited me inside to share in its sandy secrets.

Alchemy is not just lead into gold, it is a personal Journey.

:: Robert Rogers ::
Author of The Fungal Pharmacy

We are back home in the desert once more and looking forward to the month ahead! 
Beginning September first we are offering our first ever Flower Essence Intensive!  As part of the Backyard Farming Series offered by Bernalillo Couny Open Space, we will be giving a free presentation on Fermentation + Food Preservation at the historic Hubbell House!    You can also catch us--ever the nomads--at the Herbal Resurgence in Arizona mid-month.  Upon our return we are partnering with Self Serve to bring you our ever-popular Herbal Aphrodisiacs Class and the very next day will be hosting Asia Suler of One Willow Apothecaries as she shares her Wise Womb Class at our space in the South Valley.