Musings of my nineteen year old Self which rematerialized from out the darkened corners of my childhood bedroom at precisely the right moment.  Perhaps you too will find some pearl of wisdom among them...

How can I feel satisfied, fulfilled, full and abundant unto myself on the next part of my journey?  What does that look like?

1. Hike in the mountains in the Spring.  Sit on the forest floor.  Watch deer.  Lie naked on the Earth.  Swim in the creek.  Nourish yourself with lots of fruits and salads and good eggs.  Ground into yourself, your Heart.  Get rid of unnecessary possessions.  Be single.

2. Make your home and your bed especially, cozy, lush, and appealing.  Create your own temple and fantasy world in your home.  Forget decoration.  Forget what past Loves may have preferred.  You are a woman and you have the blessing of a beautiful home all to yourself!  Garden!  Write.  Journal.  Create Art.  Find a Lover, perhaps, but set aside time to pleasure yourself, wholly.  Bathe.  Cleanse.  Eat. Relax.  Love Yourself.

3. Sing, loud.  Scream, loud. Into pillows.  Go to yoga.  Walk. Stretch.  Make your Moontime sacred.  Respect and honor it.  Bathe.  Light candles.  Don't procrastinate.  Believe in success and in yourself.

4. Be tender.  Be open.  Be seen.  Let your parents in.  Love everyone around you wholly.  Believe in their goodness and ability to open their hearts.  Smile.  Cheer people up.  Know that You Are Love. Ek Ong Kar Sat Nam Siri Wahe Guru.

5. Don't withhold compliments.Stay in touch with friends.  Own your power in its entirety.  Don't hold back.  Be fabulous.  Be "Too Much."

6. Spend time listening to your heart everyday--please!  Don't do things that it tells you are not going to work.  It is a waste of energy.

7. Relax in every moment and be guided.  Let go of gripping and willing things.  Lovingly accept change with ease.  Open to flow, to connection, to infinite possibility.

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(while the three afterthoughts included on the handwritten page may *seem* less relevant and inspirational than what precedes them, I think they make for a pretty good finish, and surely contain a wisdom all their own)

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