Crestone . Midsummer

...and then she appeared as if in a dream.

[ Datura inoxia ] 

Penstemon campanulatus . San Antonio Peak

yak herd . just beyond the town of Crestone


Wandering about the mountainside, I felt compelled to photograph at least every third Opuntia blossom I came across. Feeling, each time, utterly convinced that, This : : must : : be the most beautiful one in the land. Oh no, this one is far more lovely! 
But look over there at that one! You get the idea...

Harvesting Usnea in paradise today // Forgetting that Usnea is a lichen [part fungus, part algae] I was enchanted by the story it told me of how long, long ago, it was once Sea-Faring Young Maid...


[ our cup overfloweth ]

on the path which I now walk, butterflies alight with my every step

... Smilacina stellata ...

Tashi Gomang Stupa down the road from our Home // True Independence Day 


Essences of Magenta Hydrangea . Arugula . Opuntia // 
blessed by the Artichoke blossom and boughs of Juniper

Bundling Sacred Juniper Smudges in the Yurt this afternoon 
while the whirring of Hummingbirds take turns with the soft sound of rain.

Burn this Juniper bundle to lighten and renew yourself-Body, Mind, and Spirit. Use it to purify + cleanse your home or altar. Call upon its sweet scent to invite all things good + sacred into your world. As each plume of smoke rises skyward, infuse it with your heartfelt prayers and intentions. 
Give Thanks.

Sun-warmed bath water, the delicate sound of rain on the canvas roof of the yurt, wood-stove aglow with Piñon and Juniper, and the night sky awesome as any ancient evening past. Surrounded by the loving arms of the Sacred Mother Earth, I give Thanks.