S a g u a r o

Happy Fathers' Day from La Abeja Herbs and
our favorite green relations, the Sagauro.

S a g a u r o
[Carnegiea gigantea]

The sturdy, fragrant blossoms of the towering and ancient Saguaro Cactus [Carnegiea gigantea] help to heal the relationship with the Father--one's birth Father, the Father within each of us, and the divine masculine forces of the Universe. This is a plant which commands great respect through its presence alone, and which teaches humans to walk with a similar dignity, holding all that is within them as truly precious. This essence is of great use for anyone who seeks grounding, containment, or fathering through lovers, friends, or partners. It empowers you instead to see how to best support and nourish yourself from within, take steps to meet your own needs, and to claim full responsibility for the one life that is yours to live. Consider combining with any of the following essences--White Rose, Devil's Club, Pink Yarrow, Motherwort, or Cerato.