Crestone, CO

Northbound Sights

The mountainside about to burst forth in yellow blossom

Remembering contentment in my body--
nestled creekside among Horsetail and Borage blossoms, 
young shoots of Solomon's Plume, and floating Swallowtails; 
a motionless Doe on either side of me in perfect symmetry.


Hydrangea, Pomegranate, Artichoke, Lime, Lemon, 
Calla Lilies, Amaryllis, and lots of herbs in the grow-dome.

Mountain Treasures // 

artichoke, spearmint, + sage from the grow-dome

piƱon resin + bone from the mountainside

illustrated Audubon encyclopedia of wildlife found in abandoned cabin

Freshly harvested Spearmint drying in the Pines 

The Yurt




The Herbalist's Hideaway

Sage, bundled and hanging to dry // Oversized Flower Press // 
Second Favorite Hat // Typewriter // Epsom Salts // Leather Boots

Backseat Nest, Valley View Hot Springs

Waking Up in the San Luis Valley, Valley View Hot Springs

The truly awesome aftermath of a downpour at dusk

Early morning sunshine beside Crestone Creek

Beloved Solomon's Plume, creekside

Great Spirit wanders swift through 
these Mountains with as Water as Its disguise.

Farewell until next time, my Home.