"The ancients called the desert a place of divine revelation. But for women, there is much more to it than that.

A desert is a place where life is very condensed. The roots of living things hold on to that last tear of water and the flower hoards its moisture by only appearing in early morning and late afternoon. Life in the desert is small but brilliant and most of what occurs goes on underground. This is like the lives of many women. 

The desert is not lush like a forest or jungle. It is very intense and mysterious in its life forms. Many of us have lived desert lives: very small on the surface, and enormous under the ground." 

[clarissa pinkola est├ęs]


cosmic daughter of the desert // she knew me as her own, and upon my homecoming she laid me a sumptuous feast of all things good and wild. she invited those who love me most, who've loved me for many lifetimes. it is a reunion in the truest sense of the word.

sometimes the desert mother plays tricks though // last week when I turned my head, some unnamed spirit crept upon the woven basket where I keep my time and soundlessly emptied it into their satchel. when I looked again, it was all but vanished and I was left with nothing for the week. Ah, but taking pity on a weary soul, this week great Spirit has given me twice my share! I am free to linger in moments long as I like, and their passing is slowed to my whim. 

[sophia rose]