La Huesera

L a   H u e s e r a   .

She is the bone mother, forever by your side as you walk the path of your life, feeling feet on Earth, flesh on flesh, tasting the foods of the living and breathing the animating breath which connects Spirit to Matter.

She watches from a place both close and yet always just beyond reach, waiting patiently to usher you, wordlessly, hand in hand back to the river beneath the river, Río Abajo Río.

She lives within each of us, a quiet hunger for the wild; for the beyond; for the secret world which lies just below the skin, just beneath the soil.

She is the weaver behind your eyes, seeing all, and forever singing the songs, telling the stories that call you into being, over and over again; reborn each time, dying each time.

She is the keeper of Fate and of Time--a fistful of sand clasped loosely in each of her graceful bone hands to meter out each as is your wish, until every grain has fallen back to the desert floor where she first gathered them for you.

Go to her now.  Open your ears to the song she sings, its words and tones familiar as a lullaby, eerie as the wind whipping through cold canyon walls. Go to her now, listen to the story she wishes to share of her long Winter's journey.  Let her whisper to your bones the secrets of Spring and of the magic of this Season.  She will not disappoint. She will not disappoint.