++El Sueño Magnífico++

they danced beneath the desert Moon, beneath the untamed stars
and when you came, they beckoned kind, while strumming old guitars

wordless, watching, waiting while the Spirits grew in mirth
this place which you have travelled to lies far beyond the Earth

a dusty road no human knew was where they'd made their home
amongst the stones n' forgotten things, where men no longer roam

the treasures which you've held so close, no longer will you need
my friend, it's in this in between once more you are the Seed

bathed in darkness, seeing all, they'll bless you on your way
and once again you'll be reborn, just as you've been each day

it's here they, joyous, carry on; it's here they grin and laugh
for all Creation's nothing more than stones which pave the path

fear not this unfamiliar place, you've passed through many a time
and many more you'll come again through birth and death--Divine

[image is original // mural beside the train tracks in Albuquerque, NM]