Point of Origin Toasted Pecans

a favorite winter snack made with Texas staples

As the Winter Solstice draws near, Pecans litter lawns and parks, chili pequin ripen on their bushes like ornaments on a tree, and flowering rosemary finds its way into our kitchen the year round. These
pecans make a wonderful gift and capture many of the most wonderful flavors of Central Texas.

  • Texas Pecans, Two cups 
  • smoked paprika, Two teaspoons
  • powdered Texas rosemary, Two teaspoons
  • powdered clove, Small pinch of
  • powdered Texas Chili Pequin, Generous pinch of
  • salt, One and a half teaspoons--or to taste
  • olive oil, Two tablespoons
  • maple syrup, One to two tablespoons

Pre-heat oven to 325° 

Toss pecans with olive oil, spices, + salt
Place in oven and bake until the kitchen is rich with the scent of pecans--10 to 15 minutes
Remove from oven and immediately toss with maple syrup
Allow to cool to room temperature and enjoy