The Importance of Being You.

"Practicing love often means feeling through fear: intentionally opening yourself when you would rather close down, giving yourself when you would rather hide. Only the unguarded heart, relaxed as the whole of this moment, is willing to feel as the openness that consumes birth and death."
David Deida

"In and through community lies the salvation of the world." says M. Scott Peck, defining "community" as the coming together of a group of individuals "who have learned how to communicate honestly with each other, whose relationships go deeper than their masks of composure, and who have developed some significant commitment to 'rejoice together, mourn together', and to 'delight in each other and make others' conditions their own.'" (Paraphrased excerpt from "All About Love" by bell hooks)

Tonight, as friends and I gathered to share our intentions for the coming Moon cycle, a common theme was the desire to let go of what was holding us back from being our most inspired, dynamic, creative, and fulfilled Selves. The feelings that we each observed obstructing us from this goal varied, but the sincere desire to let go and just Be Ourselves was felt by all.

Hearing this deep longing to be uninhibitedly, unapologetically, and truthfully Oneself echoed by those that I love and respect made me want it all the more for myself (and for them) and made me realize just how possible it is--if only we can surrender.

For me what comes up, and what I find often keeps me from expressing myself fully is the fear of being wrong and feeling foolish, or not being good enough (whatever that could possibly mean). It is important to remember though, that this is your life. There is no other time to be you but right now. What are you waiting for anyways? We often tell ourselves stories about what the future will be like, who we will be then and how we will live our dreams...Then. Well, Then is Now. There is no Then. This is your chance to be connected, to be in community, to love those around you unconditionally, to be naked and vulnerable, and to make mistakes gracefully. May we all find the courage to share our Hearts with those around us in whatever way we can, right now.

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